Serving Children 2 1/2 through 5 Years of Age

Are you looking for a fun, wonderfully creative and natural summer program for your children and a flexible childcare program for you?  Get ready for summer!

Fremont Community School's (FCS) Summer Freedom Program is open for scheduling in April and accepts applications March through August.  The Summer Freedom Program is an incredibly flexible program that focuses on art, nature, creativity and free play.

If your child is attending Fremont Community School for the first time, you must also submit an FCS Application Form along with a one-time Application Fee of $50.

FCS is a small, non-profit preschool nestled between Fremont and Wallingford, just north of Lake Union.  Our school house is situated in an orchard of fruit trees, where our children have full time access to outside play.  Our chickens happily meander around with the children while they play in our harbor of “pirate ships,” dig in our garden, splash in the water table or simply run around.

Inside we focus on imaginative play.  Children dress up and construct "castles," "caves" and "stages," and invent long stories to accompany their creations.  Teachers lead the children through arts and crafts, with a special focus on nature and natural fibers. Activities are always age appropriate.

Children bring their own (peanut-free) lunch and snacks, and sit together listening to stories from the teachers as they eat.

Open Monday - Friday June 1 - Aug. 28, 2020

Morning:  9am-1pm     (Four hour program)

Afternoon: 1pm-5pm (Hourly-2 hour minimum)


After submitting your 2020 Summer Freedom Contract (available in February 2020) and FCS Application Form (if attending FCS for the first time), you are given access to our on-line scheduling program where you may schedule your child for specific days and hours - based upon space availability.  You can opt to come daily, weekly, or randomly, whichever best fits your needs.

We are restricted to a 4-hour maximum per day so if your child needs to stay for the morning and afternoon, they may do one program at FCS and one program at Tara's Tots (our next-door sister school).  Separate registration required for each school. Contact Tara's Tots directly for their enrollment information - Tara's Tots or by phone at 206-724-7993.


$11.50 per hour is the basic rate

$10.50 per hour is the discounted rate for pre-purchase of 80 hours by April 15th


  • Summer Freedom is a first-come, first-served program - you control the schedule

  • The morning program is a 4 hour program

  • The afternoon program is 2, 3 or 4 hours

  • All hours must be scheduled online to ensure a space in the program for your child

  • All scheduled hours must be paid for in advance

  • If you reserve a space for your child and then are unable to attend, you must cancel a week in advance to avoid being charged