Fremont Community School celebrates the seasonal changes with the children during various festivals throughout the school year. These special occasions provide parents with many community building opportunities; be it baking, organizing, gathering materials, or through direct participation int he event!

It is our belief that having an entire family join us for these festivals enriches the experience for everyone. Your presence is an added sense of security for your young child during these few times that we leave the school grounds. We encourage you to participate in your child's individual and communal development. We prefer every family to have one or both parents attend our festivals, events, and field trips.  

Let's grow and develop our community together!

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is our first community building event of the school year when we come together to get to know other parents and their children. During the first month of school, we plan a Friday evening overnight camping trip to Cornet Bay on Whidbey Island. We celebrate the abundance of the harvest season by making corn husk dolls, crafting dream catchers, face painting, singing harvest songs, and taking a walk through the surrounding woods. We provide the food and the parents help cook, build bonfires, and make music. We welcome instruments and voices for singing around the campfire in the evening during which the children enjoy roasting marshmallows and creating the traditional campfire treat of s’mores.

Pumpkin Farm

Each October brings the annual tour of the Pumpkin Farm. The entire family is invited to enjoy this special trip to select their very own pumpkins to take home. The tour has 3 parts: a hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin, a trip through the hay maze, and a tour to see and learn about the barnyard animals. Parents and staff bring homemade muffins and hot cider to enjoy.

Lantern Walk

The Lantern Walk honors the changing of the light and the celebration of the last of the golden autumn glow after the clocks have changed and the days start getting shorter.  Lanterns are made out of children's paintings by the parents at the November parent evening. The Lantern Walk is usually held the first or second week of November at Green Lake. We gather at 4:30 pm near the Bathhouse Theater and begin the walk shortly after 5:00 pm. Our parent volunteers help set up prior to and clean up after the Lantern Walk.  We also have potluck snacks and drinks.

Winter Garden

In December, we celebrate the winter solstice and winter holidays in a unique and wonderful way full of holiday music.  The room is decorated with a large spiral of greenery on the floor, creating a pathway for the children to walk inward toward the center of the spiral. The children carry an unlit candle, resting in a beautiful apple, to the center where a lighted candle glows.  After lighting their candles, the children walk outward from the center and place their candle along the spiral.  At the end, the entire spiral is lit up, and the community sings a final song together.  It is the perfect way to close for winter break and begin family holiday festivities. It typically takes place in the late afternoon or early evening.  Parent volunteers help clean up after the event.

May Day Festival

The May Day Festival is all about celebrating the arrival of spring!  Parents help create flowered May crowns for their children.  In preparation, the children learn songs and dances for May pole dancing. Parents bring flowers to make crowns on festival day which is held the 1st of May (if on a week day) at 10:00 am at Meridian Park.  Once we have assembled these crowns, we dance around the maypole tree.  Afterwards we have lunch.  Parents provide picnic lunches for their families.  All families are welcome!

Jump the Log

At the end of May, Jumping the Log is a very special day for all the children, especially for morning preschool children who have been with us for two to three years and will make the exciting transition to Kindergarten or First Grade next school year. We also mark the transition of those children joining the Owls in the FCS Owlry for Pre-Kindergarten the following year. For each child, whether they are jumping the log or not, this event is equally important.  For the younger child, it is a moment of watching and seeing what lies ahead for them.  For the older child, it marks a moment of moving on.  For all of us, it is the magical exchange between the younger child seeing where they are going and the older child looking back from where they have journeyed.  Parents provide picnic lunches for their families.  All families are welcome!

Parent Evening

Throughout the School Year

Throughout the school year, we offer three to four Parent Evenings that address current issues of interest to parents of young children, provide more in-depth information about the school philosophy and curriculum, and engage parents in creative activities.  Each event enables parents to come together as a community, build relationships, and share experiences.

Work Parties

Fall and Spring

Twice a year we ask parents to come in and help tidy up the school.  These work parties are the few times during the year that we are able to truly deep clean the school since there are no programs in session. Children are welcome (always!) and we provide a pizza lunch. It is a great social event and opportunity to meet other families and our staff.