Morning Pre-School 2016-17 Tuition

September - May


1-Day Program - $2251 plus annual lunch fee of $125

2-day Program - $4019 plus annual lunch fee of $250

3-day Program - $5840 plus annual lunch fee of $375

4-day Program - $7583 plus annual lunch fee of $500

5-day Program - $9404 plus annual lunch fee of $625

There is an annual materials fee of $200 ($250 for our Pre-Kindergarten program) which covers rain gear, snacks and art supplies. This fee is paid along with the tuition and lunch fee payments.

There is also a $110 non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee  due upon submission of the signed tuition contract (one time fee per child)

Payment Plan Options:

  • Plan A - Single Payment: 5% Discount for tuition only with one annual lump sum payment due August 1st
  • Plan B - Monthly Payment: Nine monthly payments due the 1st of the month beginning August 1st

Download FCS Application form.

Afternoon Program

September - May

Afternoons are billed at an hourly rate of $10.00 per hour and there is a two-hour minimum. There is no partial hour billing. Upon receipt of your child's application and application fee, we will send you an Afternoon Program Contract. Once we receive your contract, we will give you access to our on-line scheduling program where you may purchase hours and schedule your child for specific days and hours - based upon space availability. You can opt to come daily, weekly, or randomly, whichever best fits your needs.

Download FCS Application form.

Summer Freedom

June - August

$10.00 per hour is the basic rate for the summer.

$9.00 per hour is the discounted rate for pre-purchase of 80 hours by May 15th.  Please contact School Administrator for details.

Download FCS Summer Freedom Registration form.

Download FCS Application form (NEW APPLICANTS ONLY).

$50 application fee (non-refundable) required for new applicants.

Please go to our Summer Freedom page for more information.

Summer Art Camp

June - August

Each one-week camp costs $275.  

Please go to our Summer Art Camp page for more information on our art camps.

Download Summer Art Camp Registration form.

Each full-week camp costs $250.

The camp held the week of July 5th is $200.

Please go to our Summer Nature Camps for more information on our nature camps.

Download Nature Camp Registration Form


Summer Nature Camp

June - August