Family/Staff Work Party - Garden

Family/Staff Work Party - Garden

Annual Giving - Star Participation

Annual Giving - Star Participation

Family/Staff Work Party - Urban Farm

Family/Staff Work Party - Urban Farm

Joyful Giving * Joyful Receiving

Fremont Community School is more than a place parents send their children – it is a community - a community of parents, children, their teachers, grandparents, and other care providers.

As a family school, we encourage parents and grand-parents to participate as fully as possible in the life of our school to help define our community and create a deeper bond with all of its members. There are many ways to do this:

  •      Give of your time
  •      Give of your wisdom and experience
  •      Give items on our wish-list
  •      Give additional financial support
  •      Participate in festivals and events

As a non-profit school, we are dependent upon the generosity of our school community for donations through fundraising:

seedlings fund

Seedlings Funds directly supports our Financial Aid Program for children and we invite donors to help make our school affordable for families in our community.  We joyfully accept any level of giving and strive for 100% family participation.  We encourage parents (and grandparents!) to participate in making a direct and positive difference in the lives of our children.  You may give to the school at any time by clicking on the icon to the left.

If you make purchases through, your purchase directly benefits Fremont Community School. When you enter the Amazon website through the icon to the left, Fremont Community School will receive 4% of the total amount of purchases you make.  We ask that you encourage family and friends as well to make Amazon purchases through our website and increase the return to our school.

Fremont Community School participated in the Seattle Foundation's seventh annual GiveBIG on May10th!  Thanks to the generous donors in our community, we raised over $19,000 for our Financial Aid program, Seedlings Fund. We also thank the sponsors of this year's GiveBIG event whose support is critical to the success of this annual event.  You can see the list of GiveBIG partners by visiting 

PCC Scrip Card

PCC Scrip cards are like a gift card.  You load your card at PCC in increments of $50 and then buy your groceries at PCC using the Scrip card.  Fremont Community School earns 5% of each purchase!!  It doesn’t cost you anything and the school gets a nice donation!  You may buy your card for $10 and it comes with $10 preloaded!  These are available all year round.

Chinook Books


Chinook Book coupons actually pay for the books and help you save even more money – plus they are great gifts!  Chinook Books are available September through October and are $25 each. The Mobile App on-line subscription is available year-round and is $15. Simply tap on the following link to download the app and purchase a subscription: 

50% of the proceeds goes to benefit Fremont Community School.  You may also go to to download the app. Go to the "Purchase Full Access" screen on the "More" menu to pay for your subscription and enter the Partner ID “fremontcommunityschool” to have your purchase benefit the fundraiser. Share the link with family and friends!