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Fremont Community School is a Waldorf-inspired non-profit preschool that serves children ages 2 1/2 through 5 by providing an outdoor, exploratory nature- and play-based education program which emphasizes the emotional and physical development of children. Our children develop their own joy and love for learning by learning about themselves and their environment through their social interactions. Teachers work alongside children, building social skills and taking advantage of teachable moments.

Fremont Community School has the feeling of a home that includes an expansive outdoor play area where play and work come together in our garden and backyard. Children help take care of the school’s chickens by collecting eggs each morning and gladly participate in the preparation of organic snacks and lunches for themselves and their peers. Children at FCS are taught to be aware of what they are eating and where their food comes from. Creative expression is highly encouraged with art supplies, puppets, and a heap of dress-up clothes readily available for when the creative instinct strikes.

The Morning Preschool Program operates with around 40 children led by two teachers and four assistants with a ratio of about 1:6.7. The Afternoon Care Program serves up to 20 children who are cared for by three teachers.


Our mission is to cultivate curiosity, friendship, and wonder through play and exploration of the natural world in a joy-filled home away from home. 


Our vision is to nurture each child's own competence by providing a healthy environment where children can collaborate, create, and care for one another. 



We foster empathy and an appreciation of beauty that promotes the emergence of the whole child. Exposure to art and to nature opens our hearts. 


We empower children to discover their physical selves in the outdoors, learning about the natural world and the connections to their daily life. Free play learning allows the natural capacities of the child to flourish. 


We introduce children to the complexity and beauty of the world around them, instilling a sense of curiosity and wonder. Children learn about the world by actively engaging in the environment.